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Discover the microdose universe

What’s a “Microdose”? A Guide to Microdosing Mushrooms

Sure, you’ve heard of microdosing: taking less than usual so you remain mildly buzzin’ throughout your day. But what does “a little” even mean? Should you just nibble a corner of the gummy or take a crumb of chocolate? Do the effects of a microdose last as long as a standard dose? What are the benefits of a microdose? When’s the best time to take microdoses?

For a relatively relaxing endeavor, there sure are a ton of questions for someone new to the art of microdosing.

Well, that’s why we’re here, my dudes and dudettes. We wanna guide you through the journey and tell you the scores of microdosing secrets your buddy has failed to mention: how to find your proper microdose dose, what are the best products to microdose, and when’s the best time for microdosing?

So, get your dank delectables ready, whether that’s some Magic Mushroom Chocolates or gummies, and prepare for a minor change in elevation.

Captain, the cabin’s prepared for lift-off!

What Is a “Micro”-dose?

Forget the recommended or heroic doses. Microdosing is a more subtle way of enjoying your go-to psychoactive wonders. But, you’ll need a little finessing to find the proper dose, keeping your brain box just slightly elevated. First, for a successful microdose, it’s gonna be important to know your tolerance for whatever it is you’re microdosing. We like to call this step:

Start in the Clouds—Walk Your Way Down

Think back to your best experiences with magic mushrooms. We’re talkin’ about the times you spoke to aliens or found the secrets of the universe buried in a bar code. Now, think back to how much you took. This is where it gets super subjective. You may have taken two gummies, but your glassy-eyed, tree-whisperer buddy may have taken only one, and yet, they clearly got more baked than you.

This is where your tolerance comes into play. Think of your tolerance as a baseline. This baseline is what we’ll be workin’ with when microdosing. Your tolerance for magic mushrooms depends on several factors, like how often you enjoy the psychoactive substance, your body composition, and other bioavailability factors. So, a microdose for you may be a regular dose for others and vice versa.

When calculating your own microdoses, start with your regular dose and work your way down—way down. Typically, some people will cut their regular dose in half or even quarters just to start as low as possible, and then work their way back up to a comfortable groovy middle ground. So, when in doubt, start in the clouds and walk your way down to a smaller dose.

A Note for Beginners

What if you’ve never enjoyed the effects of these psychotropic wonders before and wanna start your journey off with a microdose? We’re so happy you asked!

Grab your product, whether it’s mushroom chocolate or gummies, and check the label for a recommended serving. For microdoses, split this recommended serving size in half or quarters and start with that for your first microdosing experience. But remember, don’t take another serving until you’ve fully felt the effects from the first dose. This can take up to two hours to kick in or longer, depending on certain bioavailability factors. So, patience is key, my microdosing mentee.

Benefits of a Microdose

Now, why on Earth would someone like to stay on Earth when enjoying the effects of gummies or magic mushroom chocolates bars? Well, Grandpa, not everyone is tryin’ to get blasted to Stoney Cloud Nine like they did in the ’70s. Microdosing mavens like to sip their psychedelia, enjoying the aromatic notes of a calm, warm buzz, making for a more manageable, steady daytime experience.

Also, many party people prefer starting an experience with a microdose to test the waters of a new product. They take a fraction of a recommended serving their first time around, sussing out the psychotropic effects before diving face-first into the stratosphere. Because they split the product into many microdoses, the microdosers can also enjoy more bang for their buck!

Is a Microdose Safe?

When enjoyed by responsible adults, yes, microdosing is safe. But, as with other products containing mushrooms, these microdosing products should be kept safe from pets and children. Also, be sure not to take one of these microdosing products before operating heavy machinery or driving, as they can cause impaired driving and affect your perception.

What Are the Best Substances to Microdose?

The substances that score well with microdosing adults are psychoactive substances, like gummies or magic mushroom chocolates bars. Substances like these, when taken in small amounts, can lead to mild, psychotropic effects that help improve mood and create a trippy, psychoactive experience. But remember, when microdosing these mushrooms, it’s always best to start with half or a quarter of your standard dose.

Do the Effects of a Microdose Last as Long as a Standard Dose?

Yes, but those effects won’t be as strong. Even though it’s a microdose, the gummy or chocolate will take the same route as a standard dose, leading to a similar (though slightly muted) timeline for effects.

How to Microdose Mushrooms

Ditch the scale—no need to precisely weigh your microdoses. We make our Magic Mushroom Chocolates with microdosers in mind. For microdosing, we recommend between 1-3 pieces of mushroom-infused chocolates. Like any other edibles, these take some time to absorb into the body before they incite psychotropic effects. So, as we mentioned before, patience is key.

To Microdose, or Not to Microdose?

So, while we’ve answered many brain-blazing questions today, one remains: to microdose, or not to microdose? Well, that answer lies solely with you, my fellow traveler. Many people choose to microdose because they prefer mild, manageable experiences when enjoying gummies or magic mushroom chocolates bars. These people choose microdoses because it lets them experience a sliver of the trip that comes with a standard dose, keeping one foot firmly planted on Earth and another stepping toward lunar plains.