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Chocochampi: Unveiling the Magic of Mushrooms

Top of the Mind presents the online store Chocochampi as a symbol and a source of inspiration for those willing to search beyond the ordinary. But what is ChocoChampi ? At Chocochampi, we tailor our production based on the customers' needs, choosing European customers as our target market. Our mission is simple yet profound: Aimed at bringing magic mushrooms chocolate and magic mushrooms gummies to the world, local concerns like safety and legality, and an unforgettable experience will be provided.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Prior to delving into this voyage, let us grasp what these magical mushrooms are. These are not your common mushrooms; they are magic mushrooms that can turn your trip vibrant with mind-altering psychedelic experiences. Nowadays, they are back, not only for the sake of their recreational usage, but also they are being used for Mircodosing. Microdosing has a lot to offer other than the enjoyment

Our Products: A Bridge to the Cosmos

In Chocochampi, we comprehend that magic mushrooms are the legal way to convert normal memory into a super one. Our line composition, including chocolate and gummies, is carefully designed to guide you safely down this road of cosmic journeys.

Magic Mushrooms Chocolate

Chocolat aux champignons hallucinogènes chocochampi

Catch a ride on the Silk Road of tripping on chocolate with shrooms, and experience the jubilant smile after every mouthful. The artisanally made chocolates provide an experience that satisfies both the epicurean and the inquisitive people and not just treats. They are tailor-made for microdosing and help you to take off gently toward the infinite depths of your inner space.

It's not only about the taste of our chocolates; it's also about experience. At a fitting quantity, they assist you in navigating trials and tribulations, which are bound to enrich your experience as well. It is how one can travel inside without any danger and get it right


Magic Mushrooms Gummies

If you want your thrills and excitement to be as colorful as a star cluster, our magic mushroom gummies match you best. Gush with the flavor, and these gummies are the easiest and the most enjoyable introduction to microdosing. They're your personal ship, armed and equipped with everything needed to transport you seamlessly into a place of serenity and fun with not a single mile traveled by car.

These bears have greater value than just a mere sweet treat; they are the living testimony of magic mushrooms. Every individual treatment is meticulously controlled in order to take you on a safe trip through the galaxies of your mind. They're ideal for independent travelers who want to unveil the space in their soul.

Safety and Enjoyment: Our Prime Directive

Traversing the legal realms of legal hallucinogen mushrooms can only be done with the aid of knowledge, as well as form, courtesy, and moral principles since riding off its power. While at Chocochampi, we are committed to your safety as it is our number one principle. Not only are our products legal, but they are also certified after testing to fully adhere to the quality standards. Natural psychedelics, when used responsibly, offer safe and enjoyable experiences for the seeker; however, these experiences could range from gentle micro-dosing to producing strong effects.

The Importance of Safety

Embarking on a trip alongside legal psychotropic mushrooms demands a bit of their strength to reach the destination. At Chocochampi, ensuring a safe working environment is our prime priority. Our products, ranging from magic mushroom chocolate to magic mushroom gummies, always maintain the highest standard of quality and safety. The extra precaution we take in making sure every one of our suppliers meets the legal requirements is providing only the highest quality products. It is those she provides a secure highway through the sequence of events.

Microdosing: A Gentle Journey

Microdosing is walking, listening to your heart beating as you look up at the sky, and seeing the shades of the blue sky. It is standing still but zooming out at the same time, so you do not mistake the scenery for another place. It's all about how the psychedelic compound from magic mushrooms can elegantly be used to upgrade life quality without overly taxing you. Through this technique, creativity cannot only be given strength but also stress and, generally, a better quality of life.


In the world of legal magic mushrooms, these psychedelic shrooms can serve as a gateway towards new horizons of sensory experience and revelations. Our chocolate and gummy products are definitely not products alone; they are the keys that open up the front lock of the stranger experiences. Being at the helm of such transformations means that, sometimes, decisions you make can affect generations of fellow earthlings; be mindful of your impact. Make those eco-friendly choices, and so shall begin the planet-saving journey.

At Chocochampi, we think microdosing takes averages and micros that are already known to uncover the edge of the unknown. As it allows you to immerse and discover the beautiful entity that is you with such safety, every day emerges with joyfulness.