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Recette  Comment faire du chocolat aux champignons hallucinogènes

Recipe: How to make chocolate with magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms have been used for thousands of years for their psychedelic and medicinal properties. In this article, we present an original recipe for making chocolate with magic mushrooms, combining the benefits of both ingredients. We will also explore the history of this astonishing association between cocoa and psychedelics mushrooms.


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The beneficial effects of cocoa on magic mushrooms

Raw cocoa has some interesting properties that can enhance the effects of magic mushrooms. Firstly, it generates a feeling of well-being by acting on serotonin, just like hallucinogenic shrooms. What's more, it is considered a natural monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), which means it can prolong and enhance the effects of mushrooms when the two are taken together. We therefore recommend using raw cocoa rather than refined chocolate for this recipe.The Aztecs have been using the combination of chocolate and magic mushrooms since the dawn of time, and not for nothing :)

Ingredients and equipment required


  • A bar of your favorite chocolate (preferably with raw cocoa)
  • Dried magic mushrooms
  • A large saucepan
  • A glass or metal bowl
  • A wooden spoon for stirring
  • A sharp knife or coffee grinder
  • Chocolate moulds or a non-stick baking tray
  • Optional: a candy thermometer


Preparing the chocolate with magic mushrooms

Step 1: Make sure your psychedelic mushrooms are completely dry. Use a sharp knife or coffee grinder to cut them into small pieces.

Step 2: Cut the chocolate into pieces and place them in a glass or metal bowl. Heat some water in a large saucepan, then place the bowl containing the chocolate over the saucepan, creating a bain-marie. Make sure the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.

Step 3: Melt the chocolate slowly, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. If you're using a candy thermometer, make sure the temperature doesn't exceed 45°C to avoid altering the properties of the mushrooms.

Step 4: Once the chocolate has melted, remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Then stir the magic mushroom pieces into the melted chocolate, stirring well to ensure they are evenly distributed.

Step 5: Pour the chocolate and mushroom mixture into chocolate moulds or onto a non-stick baking tray. Leave the chocolate to harden at room temperature or in the fridge for a few hours.

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Consumption and precautions

Chocolate with hallucinogenic mushrooms is now ready to eat. However, it is important to take a few precautions due to the psychedelic nature of magic mushrooms:

  • Make sure you comply with the legislation in force in your country concerning magic mushrooms. 
  • Consult a health professional before consuming magic mushrooms, especially if you are taking medication.
  • Start with a small dose to assess your tolerance to the psychedelic effects.
  • Do not eat chocolate with magic mushrooms if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming magic mushroom chocolate.

By following this recipe and these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of magic mushrooms and raw cocoa in the form of delicious chocolates. Enjoy!